5 Ways to Give Yourself Love During Mundane Activities

I LOVE self care !!!

But... sometimes it feels like a battle to carve out dedicated time for it. Work is stressful, the world stressful, and then there's family, community, and friendships too that need tlc... wait and we ALSO have to set aside time just to be nice, to OURSELVES ??! :-/


While I am working on reforming my always "productive", multi-tasking habits, in the meantime... what's wrong with injecting a little love into things we normally do on autopilot?

With that... here you are !


1. Self Neck + Scalp Massage in the Shower.

Remember the luxuries of getting your hair cut and shampoo'd before Covid? I started implementing this after I noticed doing beautiful things like taking a hot shower in an anxious mechanical way.

Even if it's a non-hair wash day, my 2 min self neck + scalp massage reminds me that Hey ! What feels good to you matters ! And also, I love you amazing brain and neck !

2. Drinking Water with Love

This one is cheesy AF, but so simple, so F it! When I drink water, I say I love you to the water and to myself as it goes down my throat. Water is precious. And so are we. So why not take a beat here to touch palms with that beautiful sentiment ??

3. Deep breaths and sounding exhales while working

Many of us are working from home! This means I can say "FUCK!!" after something gets screwed up, and I can take a deep sighing yoga exhale after a big stress happens to move some of that energy out of my body.


See, doesn't that feel gewd ?

4. Self-Eye Gazing after a Pee break

Do you ever get so caught up in things that you forget who you are? The act of just being seen is so powerfully healing and grounding. For me, it feels like returning to myself.

The next time you find yourself passing by a mirror, stop and look into your eyes. Try not to nit pick about your appearance, just make eye contact. Breathe. Maybe hold your gaze for an uncomfortable amount of time lol.

You might say something to the effect of - I love you. I see you. All of you. All of you. I see you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Crying already lol.

5. STOP !!!!! at your Computer. Look at your hands.

To remind myself that - Hey ! There's a person in here ! When I've been on an unhelpful crazy thought train a little too long, I'll stop at my keyboard and look at the palms of my hands. For like, a good 15-60 seconds.

I can't remember where I read to do this, but looking at them does something similar to #4. It's grounding, mind stilling, and anxiety soothing. Sentiments of self love and self compassion seem to just float to the surface.

If you know how / why this works, please LMK !!

If you also like to say, I love you during mundane activities - let me know in the comments or send me a message. Always looking to expand my self-love languages :)

Thanks so much for reading. If you want to support the work I'm doing, share it with someone who might enjoy it.

<3 you guyz

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