Q&A - What are your favorite Design Resources?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Q: Could you send a reference of your favorite design resources / shops?



Your own house

Second Hand Free:

Sidewalks**, your friend’s houses, Stooping NYC

Vintage Cheap Sites: 

Etsy, *Ebay, Craigslist, Offer Up, *Facebook Marketplace.

Vintage Expensive: 

1st Dibs, Chairish, Obsolete

*Sites that also sells mass produced new things from larger corporations. I check the filter of “used” or “second hand” on these sites to avoid the “fast furniture” or “fast home goods” cycle of capitalist consumerism.

**SO MUCH ON SIDEWALKS NOW bc of Covid. Covid is NOT transferred by touch. If you can drive around an affluent neighborhood, people are trashing great quality vintage and second hand furniture every day.

Q: Do I have a list of new furniture vendors with lots of trendy furniture available?

A:  Yes. But that is not what I want put out into the Universe.

There are some serious issues with the fast furniture industry. There is not a lot of coverage of it, or user friendly information on how to buy from these types of places without funding it. 

So while the world is on fire - I will not endorse these companies. I will not buy from them unless heavily researched and totally necessary. Instead, I am focusing on

second hand resources like the ones I list above.

*To SUBMITa question for the design Q&A -email me !

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