Get-out-the-Aggression Activity !!!!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Times are pretty f*cked right now, and contrary to what society wants you to believe - it is HEALTHY to feel your anger and frustration and to express it.

Our culture does not reward expressions of anger, and if you are a woman, you are taught to be especially ashamed of your anger.

However, unexpressed anger can sometimes manifest as sadness, feelings of hopelessness, feelings of being trapped, passive aggressiveness, or as seemingly random irritability that just won't go away.

Here’s one suggestion for releasing your anger if you think you could use a good, untidied,

"WHY THE F*#! G(# D$%^&T YOU M*$%ER F$%CKING STU#*% M@N JU#$ D*# A#R**DY !!!!!" moment...


1. Go into a room that feels safe and (if you're "anger shy") - private.

2. If you're in a home where sound travels and you don't want anyone to hear you, turn some music on. Your choice if you want to revisit your fav emo albums from high school, get real dramatic with classical, or stoke the anger with your least favorite musical - lol.

3. Set the intention to rid your body of any excess anger that is not serving you. This can be as simple as sitting still for a few moments and telling yourself what you want to let go of.

4. Now get a good pillow, and just scream into it. Maybe even punch it. Repeat until you feel some kind release, it may be strong and emotional or subtle and energetic.

5. Take a few minutes to be still with yourself and speak some kind words to your internal self afterwards. You can re-ground yourself by focusing on the sensation of your body against your bed, your skin on your sheets, or your butt on the floor.

6. You may feel feelings of shame and embarrassment at your expression. This is totally normal, and so okay to feel.

7. Thank yourself for taking time out of your day to do something for the care of just you.


*Note: you may feel some sadness afterwards, this is normal. Though there is no right or wrong way to do the exercise, or right or wrong way to feel after. Just try to notice whatever comes up without judging it, and be kind to it.


Happy screaming !

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