Mystery Savory Recipe (using what you already have!!)

While I LOVE to share recipes when I post pictures of something magical that I've just I created, I've decided to share a different type of recipe this week. A utilitarian chose-your-own-adventure of sorts!!

Because I've found that cooking ingredient specific recipes means I have to:

1. Make a trip to the store

2. Make multiple trips to different stores

3. Figure out how to use the rest of this jar of pomegranate molasses !?

4. Throw out the damned jar of pomegranate molasses in 18 months


And on my crusade to zero waste / conscious living / self-empowerment (yes, you can do it too!!!) I am pleased to share a non ingredient specific mystery recipe created around what's probably already lurking in your kitchen.

All that's required is, your creativity, your ingredients + a liiitle bit of help from me !

---whispers maaaaagic -----


Serves 2 humans



2 Servings Grain (ie. bread, tortillas, rice, quinoa, etc)

"Top Salad"

4 Cups Chopped Vegetables* - see NOTES below + keep separated by type

2 Cups Chopped Soft Leafy Greens (spinach, romaine, spring mix, arugula etc)

2 Tbsp Cooking Fat (olive oil, butter, ghee etc. + addtl drizzle oil to garnish)

1/4 Cup Milk (I use Coconut OR sub 2-3 dollops of yogurt)

1 Tsp Assorted Spices / Herbs**

2-4 Pinches Salt

3-4 Tbsp Chopped Nuts or Seeds (optional as garnish)


1. Assess the cooking times of all your available ingredients. If your base is pre made and won't take long (ie. old rice, bread, tortillas... ) put these to the side and skip to Step 3 !

2. Prep a pot for the grain you're cooking. Follow package instructions + set a timer! If you're doing a grain that takes 20 min or less, you'll have to stop it mid way through your top salad cooking and let it chillllll while you finish.

3. Start your Top Salad !! Warm a large pan over medium heat. While the pan is warming, get your cooking fat and spices out and ready.

4. If you didn't plan ahead and pre-chop the vegetables, turn that pan down to low and chop the sh** out of your vegetables!! When you're almost done, turn your pan back up to med so it's hot and ready for you.

5. Throw your cooking fat into the pan. Now throw those spices into the pan! Stir with a spoon until all are crackly and smelling toasty and wonderful.

6. Veggies + salt into the pan next, BUT - use your head ! Add the things that take the longest FIRST, and add the most delicate things at the end. ie. onions first, squash / celery / tomato second, and soft leafy greens last.

- This will take several minutes. Stand with your veggies and watch them and your heat as you go. If things ever STOP and it seems like nothing is happening, increase your heat a touch. Watch + taste your veggies so you know when to put the next one in + take care of them!

Before putting in your most delicate leafy greens last... change gears to step 7 !

7. Get your pre-made base readyyyy. Pop bread or tortillas into the oven + set a 5 min timer so as not to burn. If you're using old rice, warm it with a sprinkle of water and maybe a little oil. If you cooked a grain, check on it, hey buddy, you looking good?

8. Add your delicate leafy greens to the veggie pot. Once greens are wilted and warm and happy, lower heat and add milk or yogurt. Mix until the herbs, salt, and milk have combined to make a small amount of a thin brothy type sauce. Add addtl salt or spices to taste and turn heat off.

9. Plate your Base. Serve "Top Salad" over the base. Add nuts / seeds as desired and a drizzle of oil on top.



*I always blend different colors AND different types of veggies when improvising ie. onion + zucchini squash + celery + tomato + soft leafy greens. I do this intuitively by mixing different textures - slimy, spongy, crispy, squishy, leafy.. and different amounts of water content (low, medium, high). This makes for happy party of diverse textures, flavors, AND nutrients.

**Feeling adventurous? Start sniffing around and try a new spice combo. Feeling precarious? Google other similar recipes and try a riff on their spice combo !

If you make something amazing, have a disaster, or discover something while cooking, let me know !! I'd loooove to see what you made and help if I can :)


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